June 2017


Annual Conference (or AC) is right around the corner and unless something very surprising happens, it looks like
l’ll be back in Dinuba for another year! We’ve been sewing together for five years if you can believe that. In that time, we have done a lot together. This year alone, we’ve shared in quite a bit.

  • Dedicated our new worship space
  • Started our community outreach program
  • Began sending invitations to members of our community
  • Utilized social media by reaching people through Facebook and the website in new ways
  • Hosted an outstanding Soup and Pie Lunch to help benefit Open Gate
  • Renewed our annual Faith and Family Trip to Disneyland
  • Caught up on our apportionments giving and started Second Mile Giving

Not everything has been sunshine and roses though. We’ve had a number of members, friends, and relatives pass away this year. Alvin Yamamoto, John Balderama, Sonya Nakagiri, Louise Sadahiro, Ruth Hayakawa, Grace Lester, Narumi Sadahiro, and Eddie Yamamoto have all gone on to be with God. We’ve also had a number of people who have needed our prayers in various ways all throughout the year and we continue to lift them up in prayer. 

Also, financially we have not been doing well. At our last Admin Board meeting we discussed how we were
running a deficit of about $2,500 every month. We don’t have any real solutions how to overcome the spending in the short term. We have rented our building to another church to help out (an additional $500 per month plus light cleaning), but we still have a large deficit. Long term solutions would be to increase membership and to encourage increased giving, and while we should be doing that anyway, that won’t help in the short term. If we can’t increase our giving to match our deficit or find another revenue stream, we may need to have a 3/4 time pastor or 1/2 time pastor beginning next July. l’ll talk more about this next month.

In the meantime, I am hoping you will praise God for the positive things we HAVE done and prayerfully ask for
guidance for the challenges ahead of us.

Representative to Annual Conference Needed!  I want you to pray about volunteering to be our church representative to Annual Conference. At AC, I do not represent Palm UMC. I represent my own views and ideas. Technically, my membership in the UMC resides in the Conference. It’s why every church gets a proportional amount of lay members to represent it — to make sure we hear the voices of both clergy AND laity. We have relied on the voices of Andy and Derek for years and years — longer than I’ve been here — but now both have moved on to new ventures and new frontiers. Who will fill their gap? Will it be you? Don’t assume someone else will do it. If you’re capable and able to, please consider it. It does require you to travel on your own and stay in a hotel up in Burlingame for at least four days. I believe our church will reimburse expenses if you can manage the time. Too often I hear people complain that the Conference does stuff without their knowledge — but that isn’t the case. If you want a voice in what happens and an ear to the ground, be our representative! Let me know if you’d like to go. We need someone soon. Annual Conference is from June 21-24.

Peace and Blessings, Craig


Please continue to pray for cancer warriors Jacob dela Montanya, Josh Crampton, Sumi Okuma (Aiko’s sister-in-law), Matt Sakaguchi, Danny and Kay Armijo (Pat’s cousins), Dan Minor, Carol McMorris (Cassie’s mother) Barbara Coddington, and Gerard Laquerriere (friend of John and Pat).

Please keep Irene Burkart, Rosalinda Vasquez and her family, Florence Brayfield, Mas Konatsu, Marcia Williams, Maryanne Couch (Janice Serios’s cousin), Oliver and Winnie Cadiente, Terry and Nancy McKittrick, Ken and Cathie Metz, Frank Abe, Wilma Conner, Sandy Hansen, Alice Yoshimura (Lindy’s mother), first responders, the Yoshihara family, Smith Mountain Cemetery District, and Open Gate Ministries in your prayers.

Sincere sympathy is offered to friends and family of Don lwahashi (brother-in-law to Bill Wake and ex-father-in-law to Ron Nagata), who passed away in Daly City on May 10 at the age of 104. Condolences are extended to family and friends of Josie Huerta who died on Friday, May 19, in Visalia. Deepest sympathy is offered to friends and family of James Takeda, who passed away on Sunday, May 28, at Hinds Hospice in Fresno.

Congratulations to Arnel Cadiente on his newjob with GodFruits!

Congratulations to Rachel Simmons and Alex Clark, who have announced their engagement; and to Kaylene Takeda and Kenny Brown, who have announced their engagement!

Congratulations to Jacqui Takeda and Brett Pagonis who were married April 8, and Jennifer Takeda and Alex Arima who will be married June 17!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES: London Serios, Jefferson School Kindergarten; Anthony Espino, Roosevelt School Kindergarten; Alissa Rodriguez (Pipkin), Dinuba High School; Nathan dela Montanya, Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Alisha Hirahara, California State University Humboldt, B.A. Child Development; Chad Takeda, California State University Fullerton, B.A. Musical Theater.


Sermon Bible Study will not meet during the month of June. Craig will be on vacation June 2-14. Old Testament Bible Study meets Wednesdays at 11:00 AM, except June 21. Prayer Group meets Thursdays at 10:00 AM. lkebana Class will meet Saturday, June 10, at 1:30.
     COFFEE HOUR SIGN-UPS : If you are Head Toban for any month, or if you wish to host Coffee Hour on a special Sunday during the year, please indicate on the sign-up sheet in the Narthex. The monthly newsletter will serve to remind you. June Tobans will serve finger-food Coffee Hour on Fathers Day, June 18! Greg and Sara Akin, missionaries to Bosnia, will be our guest speakers on Sunday, June 4; a donation lunch will follow, served by the Missions
Committee, to benefit Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.
Our guest speaker on June 11 will be Mark Isaak, professor at Fresno Pacific University.
Miles Yada and Emma Yoshihara will help lead worship on Sunday, June 25.
The date for our annual Oriental Take-Out Dinner has been set for Saturday, October 28. Stay tuned for more details!


Chalice, chalice cover, paten, and white napkin are kept in the Communion cabinet   in the kitchen. Bring 100% juice and a round loaf of bread to church on Communion Sunday; place the  bread on the paten, and cover with napkin. Pour the juice into the chalice (not too full). Cover the  chalice, and place it and the paten on the Communion table on the Chancel. After church, please  remember to wash, dry, and replace supplies in the kitchen cabinet. Thank you!  –Norma


511 North “K” Street, Dinuba 559-591-1241

Personal Hygiene Items / Diapers / Paper Towels / Toilet Paper / Kleenex / Shampoo / Hairbrushes / Rice / Beans / Pasta / Spaghetti Sauce / Powdered Milk / Mayonnaise / Flour / Sugar / Oil / Salt / Pancake Mix / Coffee and Creamer / Canned Fruit, Juice, Vegetables, & Meat / Sliced American Cheese / Snacks for Children / Peanut Butter / Mixing Bowls / Children’s Videos / Bath, Dish, and Hand Towels / Blankets / Sheets / Pillowcases / Pajamas—all sizes / Volunteers, especially at the Thrift Store


Worship Leader: Kathy Lamb
Communion Steward: Pat dela Montanya
Greeters / Ushers:
 4 Oliver and Winnie Cadiente
11 Diane Domingo, Taye Abe
18 Norma Lozano, Ruth Kurihara
25 Jerry and Ginger Munson
June Tobans: * Marian Clifton, Susan Yoshimura, Ruth Fujinaga, Janice Serios, Nancy McKittrick, Carmencita Balderama,  Melanie Hirahara


4—Kathy Hurst, Ruth Kurihara (91!)
7—Bryce Yoshimura
8—Patty Avila
13—Sho Kayayama
15—Robert Serios
17—lsabella Pipkin
19—Arnel Cadiente, Rachel Simmons, Jerry Nagata
21—Naoko Noji
25—Liz Yebisu (Dr. Sasaki)
26—Kathy Lamb, Grace Katayama
31—Cheryl Lamb


Pastor: Craig Yoshihara, cell: 559-840-5091, craig@palmumc.org
Newsletter Editor: Marian Clifton
Worship Bulletin Editor: Kathy Lamb
Webmaster: Sandy Hansen
Office Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 9:00-12:00, Mon.- Fri. Office Closed
Office Location: 438 West Tulare Street
Office Phone: 559-591-0746 e-mail: info@palmumc.org
Website: palmumc.org
Church Location: Tulare and “P” Streets
Sunday Service: 10:00 AM—Worship and Sunday School


Church Administrative Council
Chairman: Nancy McKittrick
Vice-Chairman: Jerry Munson
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
PPRC Co-Chairs: Susan Yoshimura, Ginger Munson
Finance Chair: Pat Kurihara
Trustees Chair: Jerry Yada
Treasurer: Andy Clifton
Financial Secretary: Jerry Munson
Recording Secretary: Cathy Yada
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Andy Clifton
Worship Chair: Norma Lozano
UMW President: Cathy Yada
Missions Co-Chairs: Aiko Takeda, Marian Clifton
Education Chair: Susan Yoshimura
Pastor: Craig Yoshihara

Finance Committee
Chair: Pat Kurihara
SPRC Co-Chairs: Susan Yoshimura, Ginger Munson
Lay Member to AC: Andy Clifton
Ad Board Vice-Chairman / Financial Secretary: Jerry Munson
Trustees Chair: Jerry Yada
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
Ad Board Chairman: Nancy McKittrick
Treasurer: Andy Clifton.

Nominations Committee
Chair: Craig Yoshihara
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
2019: Jerry Munson
2017: Marian Clifton
2018: Susan Yoshimura

Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
Co-Chairs: Susan Yoshimura, Ginger Munson
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
Lay Member to AC: Andy Clifton
2019: Aiko Takeda
2018: Cathy Yada
2017: Janice Serios

Board of Trustees
Chair: Jerry Yada
2019: Ruth Kurihara
2018: Frank Abe
2017: Pat dela Montanya.