August 2017


     I was told by someone I trust and whose opinion I respect that on the topic of our church’s state of health I haven’t been as direct as perhaps I needed to be. I have to admit that might be true. While I have been very honest and upfront about the state of our church, I have always laced my messages with hope and promise. It’s because I believe there is hope in all things. 

     But sometimes that is not the message that needs to be heard. Sometimes a dose of reality can spark our motivation and encourage us to do things we might not normally do. 

     Time for some stark reality. Our church is on a direct path toward death. And it’s coming soon. 

     It may be too late to turn back and according to industry experts it probably is. I had our church administrative board read Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom Rainer. Thom is an expert at church revival and renewal having worked on many such projects himself. Reading his book we are what Thom would call a very sick church. Very sick churches exhibit three of the following symptoms:

  • Significant numerical decline over the past 10-20 years
  • Prolonged times of apathy I occasional times of intense conflict
  • The church is not known in the community
  • New members are rare
  • Revolving door of pastors
  • “Good old days” are typically 20 or more years in the past


     From my estimate we fill 5 of the 6 criteria (“revolving door of pastors” I would say isn’t true). You might argue about one or two more but that doesn’t really change our situation. Needless to say we fit at least 3 without question. With that prognosis, Thom writes, “…if the church waits until it’s very sick, it is extremely difficult to get better.“

     The only solution according to Thom? A radical shift in thinking and behavior most churches are unwilling to make.
This is more than just a change in music or using computers in worship. It’s really about an approach to church that empowers the people and looks at church as a joint venture to bring people to Christ. It isn’t about Sunday but about everyday. This month in worship we will test the waters of change and I look to all of you to separate your anxiety about change and prayerfully exam WHY change is so hard for you specifically. I am hoping we can make change a regular part of who we are and not something to fear. After all, God is in the change.

Peace and Blessings, Craig


     Please continue to pray for cancer warriors Jacob dela Montanya, Josh Crampton, Matt Sakaguchi, Danny and Kay Armijo (Pat’s cousins), and Gerard Laquerriere (friend of John and Pat).
     Please keep Irene Burkart, Rosalinda Vasquez and her family, Florence Brayfield, Mas Konatsu, Marcia Williams, Maryanne Couch (Janice Serios’s cousin), Carol McMorris (Cassie’s mother), Oliver and Winnie Cadiente, Terry and Nancy McKittrick, Ken and Cathie Metz, Mike Yada, Jorge Calija ( Norma‘s brother-in-law), Wilma Conner, Sandy Hansen, Alice Yoshimura (Lindy’s mother), Kenzie Winderoth (Marcia’s great-grand-daughter), first responders, the Yoshihara family, and Open Gate Ministries in your prayers. Bob and Jackie Pipkin send greetings to their Palm Methodist Church family and friends!


Sermon Bible Study meets Tuesdays at 1:00. Old Testament Bible Study will not meet during the month of August. Prayer Group meets Thursdays at 10:00 AM. lkebana Class will not meet during the months of July and August. Church office will be closed August 29 and 30.
     COFFEE HOUR SIGN-UPS : If you are Head Toban for any month, or if you wish to host Coffee Hour on a special Sunday during the year, please indicate on the sign-up
sheet in the Narthex. The monthly newsletter will serve to remind you. August Tobans will serve Coffee Hour on Sunday, August 13, in honor of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower!
     Open Gate Ministries 43″’ Anniversary Dinner will be held Thursday, September 7, at the First Baptist Church of Dinuba; the theme is, “We are servants of all for God’s sake,” and the menu is Italian. Tickets may be purchased from Aiko or Diane for $12.50!
     The date for our annual Oriental Take-Out Dinner has been set for Saturday, October 28! Stay tuned for more details-, and be prepared to tell Chairman Susan, “Yes, I will help!” (Big thanks to Junior and April Bulosan and to the rest of Janice and Robert Serios’s family for helping with the “Oriental Dinner dry-run” July 16 and offering to help with the actual Oriental Dinner October 28!)
     If you aren’t able to pick up your 2017 Directory at church, call Marian to have one mailed (834-5135)!

Thank you from the Abe Family

Thank you from the Abe Family



Chalice, chalice cover, paten, and white napkin are kept in the Communion cabinet   in the kitchen. Bring 100% juice and a round loaf of bread to church on Communion Sunday; place the  bread on the paten, and cover with napkin. Pour the juice into the chalice (not too full). Cover the  chalice, and place it and the paten on the Communion table on the Chancel. After church, please  remember to wash, dry, and replace supplies in the kitchen cabinet. Thank you!  –Norma


511 North “K” Street, Dinuba 559-591-1241

Personal Hygiene Items / Pads / Diapers / Paper Towels / Toilet Paper / Kleenex / Shampoo / Hairbrushes / Rice / Beans / Pasta / Spaghetti Sauce / Powdered Milk / Mayonnaise / Flour / Sugar / Oil / Salt / Pancake Mix / Coffee and Creamer / Canned Fruit, Juice, Vegetables, & Meat / Sliced American Cheese / Snacks for Children / Peanut Butter / Mixing Bowls / Children’s Videos / Bath, Dish, and Hand Towels / Blankets / Sheets / Pillowcases / Pajamas—all sizes / Volunteers, especially at the Thrift Store


Worship Leader: Pat dela Montanya
Communion Steward: Cathy Yada
Greeters / Ushers:
     6 Cathy Yada, Norma Lozano
     13 Diane Domingo, Herb Abe
     20 John and Pat dela Montanya
     27 Norma Lozano, Taye Abe
August Tobans
* Winnie Cadiente, Cathy Yada, Rose Abe, Pat dela Montanya, Iris Yamagata, Irene Burkart, Hankus Nagata


3—Remington Alexander Pipkin
5—Lindy Yoshimura
8—Justin Lopez-Lamb, Elayne Yotsuya
9—Rosellen Shain
10—Reuel Green
12—Herb Abe
13—Victori Lamb
15—Hailey Eliosa
16—Anissa Avila
21—Thomas Eliosa, Sarah Lown
26—Jeff Lamb, Jim Lamb, Erik Gonzales
30—Terry McKittrick, Susan Yoshimura
31—Doug Millhorn



Pastor: Craig Yoshihara, cell: 559-840-5091,
Newsletter Editor: Marian Clifton
Worship Bulletin Editor: Kathy Lamb
Webmaster: Sandy Hansen
Office Hours: Tues. – Thurs. 9:00-12:00, Mon. & Fri. Office Closed
Office Location: 438 West Tulare Street
Office Phone: 559-591-0746 e-mail:
Church Location: Tulare and “P” Streets
Sunday Service: 10:00 AM—Worship and Sunday School


Church Administrative Council
Chairman: Nancy McKittrick
Vice-Chairman: Jerry Munson
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
PPRC Co-Chairs: Susan Yoshimura, Ginger Munson
Finance Chair: Pat Kurihara
Trustees Chair: Jerry Yada
Treasurer: Andy Clifton
Financial Secretary: Jerry Munson
Recording Secretary: Cathy Yada
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Andy Clifton
Worship Chair: Norma Lozano
UMW President: Janice Serios
Missions Co-Chairs: Aiko Takeda, Marian Clifton
Education Chair: Susan Yoshimura
Pastor: Craig Yoshihara

Nominations Committee
Chair: Craig Yoshihara
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
2019: Jerry Munson
2017: Marian Clifton
2018: Susan Yoshimura

Finance Committee
Chair: Pat Kurihara
SPRC Co-Chairs: Susan Yoshimura, Ginger Munson
Lay Member to AC: Andy Clifton
Ad Board Vice-Chairman / Financial Secretary: Jerry Munson
Trustees Chair: Jerry Yada
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
Ad Board Chairman: Nancy McKittrick
Treasurer: Andy Clifton.

Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
Co-Chairs: Susan Yoshimura, Ginger Munson
Lay Leader: Kathy Lamb
Lay Member to AC: Andy Clifton
2019: Aiko Takeda
2017: Janice Serios
2018: Cathy Yada

Board of Trustees
Chair: Jerry Yada
2019: Ruth Kurihara
2017: Pat dela Montanya.