Saturday May 18, at 4:30 PM – Join us for “Messy Church” monthly inter-active inter-generational creative worship experience on Saturday, May 18, at 4:30 PM; masks required for indoor activities. Meal will be provided. Co-Leaders are Dianne Young & Melanie Mizuno.  Volunteers to help are needed. See our form.

     This is Messy Church because everyone is invited to show up just as they are on a Saturday afternoon, no dressing up or staying quiet and still. Children, families, everyone can be themselves, express themselves, ask questions. Christ is at the center, but the reflecting on the Bible story doesn’t come from one point of view from the pulpit, but from everyone as they think about questions asked during the activity, and hear what one another have to say.

   See photos in our newsletter 

     We hope for this space to be welcoming to our neighborhood. We do most things bilingually (English and Spanish). If you haven’t yet tried Messy Church I encourage you to come- the next one will be May 18, 4:30 pm. You might feel like Messy Church is right for you, or not. Either way is ok! You might at least know if you want to let some of your neighbors know about it, give to support, or even volunteer to help our wonderful and faithful team. In any case, please pray for this ministry and pray for God to lead Palm Church to share Christ and make disciples, following as God leads us!