We now accept online donations. 

  • Our system is powered by NCS Services; your information is private and secure.
  • Donate to our General Fund, our Benevolence Fund, to the new Covid-19 Relief Project, or to Open Gate Ministries(donations through this system will get credited to our church). As their traditional February Soup and Salad luncheon has been cancelled this year, we strongly encourage your support at this time. 
  • Use a major credit card or your bank checking account.
  • Text messaging is available (it’s quick!)  See How To text Giving Palm
  • Donate one-time – or make automatic recurring donations
  • You may change preferences or stop donations at any time.

We appreciate your support of this system.  Click on the SIGN IN tab on the form below and register for an online account. When you register, you’ll receive a confirming e-mail. Please save it so that you can easily access the system to make any future changes. 

See letter to congregation about Financial Health dated March 2020.