February is the month of Valentines, which for Christians can remind us of the Great Commandment Jesus gave, to love God with everything we’ve got and love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Mark 12:30). We also start Lent on February 17 this year with the call to repentance and a focus on our spiritual practices; we contemplate how we can turn to God once again.

Which leads me to ask, how might we repent, so that we can better love God and our neighbor? We will all have our individual things to work on. But I feel led for our Lent worship to use a resource to help us grapple with some issues related to society and systems, to grapple with ways that racism and white supremacy are woven into our lives and institutions, and what Jesus has to say about all of it. I’m going to be using a resource in Lent for Repenting of a Culture of White Supremacy throughout the season.

What are you talking about, Pastor? You may be saying. First a little bit about culture. Culture refers to all the unwritten and unspoken rules we learn from a very young age about how things go, the invisible ways of operating we tend to take for granted. From when you eat and with whom, to when it is appropriate to make eye contact, to how you speak to others and where your priorities are and on and on, all of this makes up a culture. If you have traveled to another country and gone beyond the standard tourist experience, you may have experienced what they call “culture shock.” Cultures are easily noticeable in foreign travel but there are many levels of subculture within a nation as well. Underneath these ways are values, and sometimes these understood values are so deep in our subconscious that is difficult to even articulate them.

What is a culture of white supremacy? Showing Up for Racial Justice’s website says “White supremacy culture is the idea (ideology) that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.” We can know intellectually that that is not true, yet the culture that our country lives and breathes still reinforces elements of white supremacy culture to different degrees in different organizations, including churches. And people who are not white can also take on these values and unwittingly reinforce white supremacy, too.

Why do this now? Because it has become obvious in the past months and years that the sickness of white supremacy has infected our nation and is not going away on its own. People ascribing to this mistaken belief system and part of white supremacist groups were largely responsible for the domestic terror attack on our nation’s capitol on January 6 that resulted in six deaths. The on-camera killing of George Floyd is another example that we lived through in 2020. These examples are like the tip of the iceberg poking out obviously, but there are many ways that this sickness is hidden in our society. The gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to repent of sin, and this is one systemic sin that followers of Christ need to actively turn away from to more fully follow the One who loved across all of the dividing lines that humans try to draw.

How? Using the resource Disrupt Worship Project has come up with prayers and litanies to help us see Jesus’ call to repent of white supremacy culture. For while often accepted as “the way things are” none of the hidden values are in line with what Jesus came to reveal to us: a good God desiring fullness of life, harmonious community, appreciation of diversity and deeper understanding of those different from us.

In the book of Jonah, Jonah is a prophet tasked with announcing God’s judgment on his nation’s enemies, and against his hopes, the people actually repent, and God has mercy on them. They call a fast for everyone to participate in, the elites and ruling classes down to the poorest and even children and animals. All together they receive the prophet’s warning and change their ways. Repentance is not just for individual actions; if our whole nation repented together, how much different could things be? We serve a merciful God who loves us too much to let systemic sin continue to hurt all of us. I hope you will join us for the Lent worship and consider all of us together how to turn once again back to God and better love God and our neighbor.

                                                             ~Pastor Michelle

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     Please continue to pray for cancer warriors Michael dela Montanya, Jacob dela Montanya, Gerard Laquerrier (friend of John and Pat), Linda Gourley (friend of Pastor Michelle’s mother), Irene Pasillas (Open Gate), and Chase Glosier (Steve and Kathy Botkin’s nephew).
     Please keep Phyllis Martzen, Lisa Delgado and her family, John and Pat dela Montanya, Miyeko Cabello (Diane’s mother), Romeo and Norma Lozano, the Porras family, Rosalinda Vasquez and her family, Florence Brayfield, Marcia Williams, Terry and Nancy McKittrick, Molly Osato, Cherry Cadiente , Nanay Serios (Robert’s mother), Wilma Conner, Sandy Hansen, Antonio Saldana (father of Derek’s friend Jose), Dinuba Youth for Christ, Cruising for Jesus, domestic violence ministries, first responders, healthcare workers, Open Gate Ministries; teachers and students; and all those affected during the COVID-19 pandemic and lock-down in your prayers.
     Please continue to pray for our country, that cooperation, truth, justice, the Constitution, and civility will be honored. Pray for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution to go smoothly.


     Pastor Michelle will live-stream her Sunday sermons on Facebook at 10:30 AM (more information enclosed), and she will be leading four “Grace Groups” via ZOOM. Old Testament Bible Study will gather every Wednesday at 11:00 via conference call. Prayer Group will convene on Thursdays. Ad Council will meet February 16 at 10:00 AM via ZOOM.

     Virtual Coffee Hour will be held following Facebook live-stream and Zoom worship service every Sunday, and following Holy Communion on February 7 !! (Please have bread and juice ready for virtual Communion.) On February 16 at 12:00 noon, Pastor Michelle will offer a Zoom Ash Wednesday Service. Watch for the link in your Worship Helps.

     Our first in-person outdoor worship October 8, 2020, at Romeo and Norma Lozano’s backyard was attended by 29 people; our second in-person service on November 15 was attended by 43 people; and our third in-person service on December 20 was attended by 36 people; our fourth in-person worship on January 10, 2021, was attended by 38 people, including 14 in person and 24 people online!!

     Palm Church Ad Council has decided to forego our scheduled February outdoor in-person worship service due to the current high numbers of COVID cases in this area. When we are able to meet together again, please continue to observe the health and safety protocols: Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose, no physical greetings, no singing, and please remain six feet away from people you aren’t related to !! (Some disposable masks will be available.) Facebook livestream and Zoom service will continue to be be offered. RSVP Marian Clifton, 834-5135 or

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Congratulations to Philip Martzen and four NASA colleagues on receiving the 2020 Samuel M. Burka Award from the Institute of Navigation for their paper titled “Characterization of On-orbit GPS Transmit Antenna Patterns for Space Users.”
We don’t understand it, Phil, but we are very proud of you anyway !!         


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February 2021 Worship Tasks

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Dear Members and Friends of Palm UMC

It has been good to be with you for outdoor worship. Thanks to everyone for maintaining distance, wearing masks, and observing all the health and safety protocols so we can care well for one another!! Palm Church Ad Council has decided to forego our scheduled February outdoor in-person worship service due to the high numbers of COVID cases in this area.

It is important to RSVP so we can let you know if the date is changed!! If you plan to attend the next in-person outdoor service, please RSVP Marian Clifton ( or  843-5135.

Please continue to consider your own health and safety before attending an outdoor in-person worship service.

We will continue with online worship via Facebook Livestream and Zoom at the regular time 10:30 AM in the meantime every Sunday, and the Zoom coffee hour. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in sharing Christ wherever you are.

In Christ’s Love and Peace,
Pastor Michelle


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