Over and over again I am learning how much of our faithfulness to God, our growth as disciples of Jesus, depends on our gratitude. To want to praise and thank God, we first have to recognize that the good things we have are given to us by God. To live with a spirit of generosity, caring for others out of our own resources, we also need to first have grateful hearts. To be good stewards of all that is entrusted to us, from caring for the earth to our finances to the relationships we have with others, we recognize that really it is on loan to us, and we do it with a sense of gratitude.

One way I have been stretched recently in my own spiritual growth is in the area of honoring my ancestors. This, too, is a way of giving thanks. But for me it has not come very naturally as I never had very strong relationships with my grandparents, and other relatives like aunts and cousins lived far across the country. As I studied over the last year about Bowen family systems I found this pattern of “cutoff” to be very prevalent in my own family’s history. Cutoff can be expressed in many ways but it comes from tensions in a family relationship leading to putting distance between, sometimes physical and sometimes in another way, instead of finding some way toward growth and reconciliation. In a way our country has a strong inheritance of cutoff, as that pattern played some part in many of the immigration stories of those who have come here from very far away over the past few centuries.

So looking back at my own family tree and hearing some stories about my ancestors was eye -opening for me. I owe so much of who I am to generations of people I have never met. Honoring our ancestors from the Bowen family systems point of view is not glossing over the rough points of our ancestor’s lives but looking at the whole- as well as we can- to try to understand who they were and the choices they made. Over the past few months some rituals that I could respect but weren’t that interesting to me from other traditions, such as the Day of the Dead or Obon festivals, have started to pull on my heartstrings a little more. Before I could see importance of honoring grief, but now a sense of honoring those specific loved ones, honoring the relationships and their ongoing legacy comes through more clearly to me. And of course, we have our own annual recognition in the church of those who have passed. On the first Sunday of November, All Saints’ Sunday, we remember and honor beloved members of our family of faith who are no longer in this life with us. We will give thanks to God for them, for the time to know them and learn from their example, and for the love that has been shared. Pausing to honor their legacy together is one more way that our gratitude to God helps us to grow as disciples of Jesus.

That will be part of an upcoming sermon series on gratitude:

  • Sunday October 30: Reformation-Gratitude opens Possibility for Change
  • November 6: All Saints’ Sunday- Gratitude for the Legacy of Saints
  • November 13: Stewardship-Fruits of Gratitude
  • November 20: Thanksgiving and Gratitude for Laity

If you have someone to be included in our remembrance for November 6 of someone who has passed since the last All Saints’ Sunday, please communicate with me by October 30. And may we all grow in giving thanks always to God, our Source of Life and every good gift!

                                                                   — Pastor Michelle


     Please continue to pray for cancer warriors Jacob dela Montanya, Gerard Laquerriere (friend of Pat Linda Gourley (friend of Mary Esmay), Isaac (Robert Serios’ co-worker), Joe Takeda, John Lown (Andy’s father-inlaw), Joy McKittrick, Alicia (Brent Sadahiro’s friend), Jennifer (Clifton) Washington, Janice Tucker (friend of Karen Jacob), Kevin Seligmann (Nancy’s nephew), Chase Glosier, and Tammy Campbell.

     Please keep Phyllis Martzen, Jon Clifton, Todd Katayama (Jerry Yada’s cousin), Jamie Campbell, Rosalinda Vasquez and her family; Winnie, Christine, Richard and Diane Cadiente; Bonnie Morimoto cousin), Marcia Williams, Myriline Dogba, Helen Ishida, Miyeko Cabello, Mary Esmay, Ruth Kurihara, and Nancy McKittrick, Jim Christopher, Wilma Conner, Bette Crawford, Chris McKittrick, Sandy Hansen, Bill Allen; firefighters, first responders, and health care workers; military personnel, teachers, Dinuba Youth for Christ, refugees, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, migrants, our country, Open Ministries in your prayers.

     Sincere sympathy is offered to friends and family of Sharon Reindl, who passed away October 18 in Fresno.

     Deepest condolences are extended to family of Elayne Martzen, who died October 21.


     ALL 10:00 am IN-PERSON SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES ARE LIVE-STREAMED FACEBOOK. When we worship in-person, masks and social distancing protocols will be observed. Facebook Livestream will be available but no ZOOM dial-in. Following indoor, in-person services, Coffee Hour snacks will be served outdoors.
(Church location—corner Tulare & “P” Streets, Dinuba)

     Grace Groups meet on Thursday 3:30 PM every other week via ZOOM, Thursday young adults once a month at 5:00 PM, and Spanish Grace Group on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM via conference call; in person Grace Group meets in the church building following worship one Sunday of the month. For more information contact Pastor Michelle by phone or email. Old Testament Bible Study convenes Wednesdays via conference call. Ad Council will meet Tuesday, October 18, at 5:30 PM on ZOOM.
     Communion will be celebrated in-person on Sunday, November 6.
     Philip Martzen will be guest preacher on Sunday, November 27.
     Ikebana class will not meet in November or December.
     Join us for “Messy Church” monthly inter-active inter-generational creative worship experience on November 19 at 3:30 PM ; masks required indoors . Meal will be provided. All are welcome Theme is “Harvest.” Committee is asking for donations of fruit, sliced turkey, Petite Baby Carrots, shredded lettuce, apples, and peanut butter. Contact Dianne or Melanie to help.
     Winnie Cadiente will serve as Worship Leader on  November 6 & 20. Philip Martzen serve as Worship Leader for November 13. Volunteer needed for November 27. Norma Lozano. will serve as Worship Leader on December 11 and 18.
     Marian Clifton is Head Toban for November; her team (Susan, Ruth F, Janice, and Nancy) will serve Coffee Hour refreshments on Sunday, November 20.
     Annual Oriental Take-Out Dinner & Boutique is scheduled for Saturday, November 12 Volunteers needed to chop vegetables (at home, if that feels more comfortable) and to help serve Everyone is asked to please bring three dozen cookies . Handmade Boutique items are also requested, including jellies, nut breads, etc. Contact Susan for more information. 679-8074

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     My cell phone continues to be the best way to reach me, and please know that you can call me; I would love to hear from you !! Let me know how I can pray for you and if you would like a visit !! (I will continue to wear a mask indoors for the foreseeable future, and I have received the Covid Vaccine.) Mondays continue to be my day off. Please check out our website and Facebook page !!      


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Palm Church Christian Café team prepared and served a Tex-Mex dinner to 44 people on August 31 at the Selma FUMC. Our next turn to serve a New England menu will be December 7; we will also help serve the Thanksgiving meal on November 23.

Spare Change Offering for the Local Benevolence fund has been revived on every Communion Sunday !! Look for the can at the front of the church !!


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     Additionally, the school’s volunteer and visitor protocols are now the same as they were before COVID, so we can resume our reader partner program !!

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2022 Palm Church Administrative Council**

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**Janice Serios—UMW President, SPRC co-Chair, Education Co-Chair
**Arthur Anderson—Treasurer
**Nancy McKittrick–Assistant Treasurer, Worship co-Chair
**Marian Clifton—Missions Chair, Recording Secretary
**Philip Martzen—Trustees Chair
**Pastor Michelle Magee—Nominations Chair
**Norma Lozano—Worship co-Chair
Dianne Young, Melanie Mizuno—Messy Church co-Leaders
Sandy Hansen—Webmaster

“And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, just as We abound in love for you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12


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November Tobans
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