It is almost July and in the church year we are in what some call “Ordinary Time” because there is no Christmas or Easter to prepare for or celebrate. Others call it the Season of Pentecost, the season that begins with that festival of the coming of the Holy Spirit and stretches just up until we are about to get ready for Christmas again.

     In the Central Valley, it is starting to get really hot. And me personally, I am getting tired of being restricted by the coronavirus.   want to be a pastor how I know how to be, with people, up close with real eye contact. I wonder if you feel a similar way.

     Because, though it’s called “ordinary time” this year it is anything but ordinary. We are living in a pandemic. We’ve had to adjust our entire lives to new ways of being, and refraining from being with one another. We are living now in a time too where racial injustice that has been present but often hidden is coming to the surface, and many of our siblings in Christ or siblings in humanity are calling for changes from the way things were, just a few months ago.

     I have always preferred “Season of Pentecost” because it is a season of living with the Holy Spirit. In our Bible readings for this season, it is a season of hearing about the other parts of Jesus’ story, what he did after he was born and before he was crucified.

     Every year, but especially this year, I peek into that story and see what Jesus tells us now. His times were anything but ordinary as he gathered disciples and “discipled” them, as he went around in his ministry, constantly revealing what God was doing in the midst of some pretty extreme circumstances, hunger, disease, unrest, yes injustice. Just reflecting on this for a moment calls me back to what I know, that there is nothing happening, that is apart from God. Yes, God is at work in our world, our community, our lives and our hearts, in this extraordinary season of 2020.

     What is God doing in your lives? Really. I want to know! And I want to share your stories in this Pentecost season of how you see God at work. Because it is not just me that God works through, but all of us. So please: call me, text me, email me, Facebook message me if you must, to tell me your testimony and with your permission I’ll share it with others over our Facebook live services. We need to know about one another’s experience of God in these extraordinary times, to encourage one another and help disciple one another, too. For we are living out our lives as disciples in 2020, this trying season of Pentecost, of the Holy Spirit who has been let loose over all of the earth, who is the breath of life in us all, no matter what.

                                                                                 Peace be with you—Pastor Michellle

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     Please continue to pray for cancer warriors Michael dela Montanya, Jacob dela Montanya, Kay Armijo, Gerard Laquerriere and Rick Kanderian (friends of John and Pat), Ron Gerstenberg, Irene Pasillas (Open Gate), and Chase Glosier (Steve and Kathy Botkin’s nephew).

     Please keep Phyllis Martzen, Carol (Rossi) Christianson, Hankus Nagata, Brenda Godinez, Aiko Takeda, Pat Kurihara, Rosalinda Vasquez and her mother Rosa, Richard Meffley (friend of John and Pat), Florence Brayfield, Cora Serios, Marcia Williams, Terry and Nancy McKittrick, Katherine Rodriguez and her family, Betty Barsotti, Mel Imai (Ruth Fujinaga’s cousin), Molly Osato, Don McDowell (Jerry Munson’s nephew), Cherry Cadiente (Winnie’s sister-in-law), Steven Bulosan, Wilma Conner, Sandy Hansen, Dinuba Youth for Christ, Cruising for Jesus, domestic violence ministries, first responders, health-care workers, Open Gate Ministries and all those affected during the COVID-19 pandemic and lock-down in your prayers.

     Congratulations to Alisha Hirahara and Brent Orsaba on the birth May 27 of baby Aubrey Joe in Reedley !! Proud grand-parents are Stan and Carol Hirahara.

     Sincere sympathy is extended to family and friends of Alicia Oyervidez, who passed away on May 27 in Dinuba.

     Deepest condolences are offered to friends and family of Reuel Green, long-time member of Dinuba FUMC, who died June 1 in Madera; he had been living with his daughter Helen (Green) Dresser–35021 Bonadelle Avenue, Madera 93636. (Private graveside service was held at Smith Mountain Cemetery.)


     Pastor Michelle will live-stream her Sunday sermons on Facebook at 10:30 AM (more information enclosed), and she will be leading “Grace Groups” via ZOOM. Old Testament Bible Study will gather every Wednesday at 11:00 AM via conference call. Prayer Group will convene Thursdays at 10:30 over the phone. Louisa Valenzuela will be leading the NA group every Thursday at 5:00 PM via ZOOM. Ad Council will meet via ZOOM.

     Virtual Coffee Hour will be held following Facebook live-stream and Zoom worship service and Holy Communion on Sunday, July 5 !!

     A re-launch committee has been formed to plan our post-coronavirus re-opening protocols. Stay tuned for more information !!

          Our Ad Council during the meeting on May 20 decided to invite our entire congregation to spend a moment in prayer every day at 11:24 am, relating to Mark 11:24 where Jesus told his disciples, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Let us join together and ask for: God’s healing and protection for our church family and our neighbors; for us to take good care of one another; for our governmental authorities to have wisdom in providing for wellbeing of all people; for healthcare workers and other essential workers; and for help in finding a vaccine and ending this time of pandemic, as soon as God’s will allows. So set your phone alarms or alarm clocks to remind you and we will join together in prayer every day at 11:24am!

–Pastor Michelle, and Susan Yoshimura, Ad Board Chairman


    I pray that you are all staying safe and well! These times of pandemic can bring extra pastoral care concerns. Please, if you would like a phone call or visit, let me know! Reaching me on my cell phone is probably the best way, (805) 233- 5796. (I just ask that if it’s not urgent, to not call on Monday, my day off.) For now according to the Conference protocol, if you would like a visit I can stand outside of your house and talk to you from 10 feet away, looking at you through a window, and talking “live” or on the phone if we can’t hear each other. If you are on Facebook and would like to be “friends” there please send a friend request to Pastor Michelle Magee. Out of respect for your privacy I won’t request you, but I would be pleased to be friends on that account if you like! Please also like our church Facebook page to see updates there, and you can see the livestreamed worship every Sunday at 10:30am:
     Email is great too: . You should also be getting a weekly guide to an at- home devotional to do, and you can catch the sermon in print form on my blog on the website too: under the worship tab. Blessings!  –Pastor Michelle


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“LEGENDS,” Katherine Rodriguez’s new restaurant, is now open for business, take-out only, at 40459 Orosi Drive, in Cutler (one block west of Highway 63).

Call for a sample menu 559-393-3789, or check out her Facebook page: Legends

Pastor Michelle and Ad Board Chairman Susan Yoshimura have issued some precautionary steps to protect from COVID-19:

  1. Worship service is suspended until further notice but when we resume we will try to sit six feet apart from any non-family members.
  2. We are going to suspend Coffee Hour until further notice.
  3.  As discussed we will practice social distancing, we will greet each other with an elbow bump or bow but will refrain from physical greetings.
  4. Continue to frequently wash hands for 20 seconds, cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching your face.
  5.  When Sunday School resumes, we will try to have more space between each of the children to perhaps decrease contact with each other.

Please remember, even though we aren’t presently using our facility, we still have bills to pay: salaries, utilities, insurance, etc. Your tithes and offerings are VERY important !! Snail-mail (USPS) always works, and now we have the convenient option of online giving through our web-site or Facebook !! Give it a try – SEE OUR NEW GIVING PAGE. Thank you !!Jerry Munson


TO LISTEN – AUDIO ONLY – The print version of our newsletter includes instructions so you can join our Facebook Live worship services via Zoom using a phone; this includes use of a password. Because of Zoom security features, we cannot publish that password in our online newsletter. Please contact Marian to receive your invitation to Zoom with us. See our website page about Online Worship.

TO LISTEN AND VIEW OUR FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM: worship begins with sharing of Joys and Concerns (via live comments) and prayers, then moves to the sermon. You may also contact the pastor in advance if you have somethng to be lifted up in prayer.


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A virtual coffee hour using Zoom will follow on PENTECOST/GRADUATE APPRECIATION SUNDAY, MAY 31, and FATHERS DAY, JUNE 14.  Again Contact Marian to join us via phone or computer/smart phone/tablet. 


511 North “K” Street, Dinuba 559-591-1241

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Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
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Worship Leader: Nancy McKittrick
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Lay Leader: Derek Fujinaga
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Board of Trustees: Pat dela Montanya (Chair), Derek Fujinaga, Jerry Munson
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