I grew up on the outskirts of Plymouth, a small town in northern Indiana; my parents are Tom and Mary Magee (now Mary Esmay). I have two brothers who are 11 and 8 years older than me (Mike and Jeff). I always loved reading and cats. I was baptized as an infant in our local Lutheran (ELCA)  church where we were members. I went to church camp  for the first time when I was ten, which I loved. When I was 11 my parents got divorced, and I turned to God and my faith for solace and help; I started going to all my friends’ youth groups and church activities.

         High school included soccer, and band–marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, and pep band! I played alto sax, and took piano lessons (but not with great results). I learned some guitar so I could play at camp—in college I worked three summers at the same camp where I had been a camper!

          By the time I was 17, I was on my church’s council and teaching Sunday School. One day my pastor said to me that he thought I had the gifts and talents to be a pastor, and I should pray and discern if God was calling me.

          That began my journey towards ordained ministry. Along the way I also felt a missionary impulse leading to my college double major of International Service and Spanish. After college I wanted to have a missionary experience, so I went with the Young Adults in Global Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) to Argentina. My placements in Buenos Aires were in a soup kitchen and a human rights advocacy group. My housing was at the apartments for the seminary students, and downstairs from me lived Pablo Róvere, a playful Methodist in his second year of studies.

Pastor Michelle's family

Pastor Michelle’s family

        Pablo and I got married in 2005 in his Methodist home church in Chacabuco, Argentina, and we have been blessed with three children—Trinity (10),Lucas (7), and Iris (3). We wondered at the beginning of our relationship how this would work out—me being called to be a Lutheran pastor from the US, and Pablo called to be a Methodist pastor from Argentina! God’s answer is continuing to unfold for us, but God is always faithful in loving us and holding us in grace along the way.

          I am excited to begin the next step of my journey with all of you at Palm United Methodist Church and see how God leads us forward together!

                                                             –Pastor Michelle Magee