by Kevin Watson

We have begun something new – Grace Groups – small groups that ideally will each meet twice a month. We will be utilizing the book The Class Meeting to help facilitate our beginning of the Grace Groups. To generally describe it, it is a small group based on watching over one another mutually, in love, being accountable to one another, (which also means being vulnerable to one another) and helping one another to truly grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The groups are modeled after John Wesley’s Class Meetings (hence the book!) Pastor Michelle will be leading this cycle of groups. There will be three groups at different times: 

  • Sunday Feb. 9, at 8:15 AM at the church,
  • Tuesdays Feb. 11 and 25 at 10:30 AM at church
  • Thursdays Feb. 6 and 20 at 5:00 PM at Nancy McKittrick’s house (check w/church office for address). 

Please pray about whether this is the time that God is calling you deeper into discipleship. I hope that many will want to participate but I also want there to be a serious commitment on the part of any who decide to join one of the groups!