This is the blog for Pastor Michelle Magee of Palm United Methodist Church of Dinuba, California. I’ve always been a little nervous about handing out printed versions of sermons, or putting them on the internet. A sermon, as my preaching professor used to say, is an event. It’s meant for the specific audience at the specific venue. That same message for a different “audience” would use different wording, different examples and so forth. Also, the message spoken changes from the words on the page depending on the mood of the congregation and the preacher! So the words that I speak in the moment, won’t be exactly what I had written in my manuscript. The Holy Spirit is in that! (I also believe the Holy Spirit is in the preparing of the sermon..)

So- the best thing is to come to church! or go to church wherever you are- there’s no substitute for the community of faith, hearing and contemplating the word of God together.

But we are in the internet age and I can definitely see the value in sharing in a blog, even with those limitations, what was shared on Sunday. If you have comments or questions please reach out, I’d welcome your (constructive) feedback and any conversation about faith you’d like to have!

-Pastor Michelle