We continue to livestream our worship via Facebook Live. Just click to join our service at 10:30 AM on Sunday, August 9.

You can also dial in with any phone and listen to the service at 10:30 AM using Zoom. Those with cellphones and speaker phones can participate. “LIVE”   through  Zoom  using  a  phone  for  audio  only 

1.         Dial   1-669-900-6833  OR  1-346-248-7799
2.         After  prompt,  enter Meeting  I.D.  901-220-3185, and hit   #
3.         After next prompt,  hit  #
4.         After prompt,  enter  Password  160302  and  hit  #
5.         Option—Try Speaker Phone

If you are not able to attend, we also have a separate at-home WORSHIP GUIDE available. Also see our CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY for the day. The reading is:  today’s Gospel Reading: Matthew 14:22-33, which appears in the worship guide. You can watch previous services on our Facebook page – no login required. 

For virtual Communion on the first Sunday, please have  bread and juice ready.

Please leave a Facebook comment, or send Pastor Michelle a text  (805-233-5796), for the purpose of attendance record. 

We conclude with a virtual coffee hour at a separate Zoom meeting. (click to join the meeting)  

In addition, the audio of the scripture reading and sermon from the previous week ONLY are available by listening to the recorded message at: 559-528-8105 and stay on the line (only one listener at a time). If you get a busy signal, try again after 30 minutes.  Available Monday to Saturday any time. 

Meeting via Zoom May 31, 2020